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Outplacement a Threat or a Chance: With the outbreak of the Covid-19 our living paradigm has completely changed. We live in special and personally very challenging times. The pandemic takes its toll on us all. Let us cope with it!

Outplacement as a chance
How about seeing it as a chance?

On the back of the pandemic we see those who are about to or imminently face the prospect of redundancies / lay offs. This is by all means a distressing situation, however it can also become a new chance. It only requires a sound Outplacement strategy.

You need to consider multiple dimensions and homogenised them in the overall contextual framework . Those can be : re-location, professional change of profile (activity, industry) as well as financial situation and personal legal status, etc. You will be surprised by how many dependencies you will encounter.

People tend to go through tough times when being laid off and especially when they get rejections to their job application. Often, they show a post traumatic stress disorder. This can result in depression, alcoholism, aggression or worst. The situation is nevertheless manageable. It can and should become a post-traumatic growth.

We at SeaCounsel are in a position to help and advise. Please see our two offerings for consultation below. Do not hesitate to contact us or email us under: covid19@seacounsel.org.

We offer additional support to the increasingly important topic: Burn-out.


  • Recognise the signs of what is to come – are you about to be made redundant?
  • Handle the actual situation in terms of psychological mind set
  • Financially plan for the paradigm to come: there are variables you might have not really considered under distress
  • Outplacement Consulting: make the best of your current situation in your current company
  • Identify opportunities and tailor made your profile and ambitions
  • Recognise and make the best of arising chances
  • Manage expectations and frustration levels

Again, do not hesitate to contact us for Outplacement services under: covid19@seacounsel.org. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Due to social distancing and healthy consideration all the initial assessment and subsequent consulting will happen virtually. See on the right of the page the tools we use and the links (klick on the app) on how to use or install the specific tool.

See redundancy / lay-off as a Chance and prepare the next steps.
Our Outplacement Service is here for you.

We offer counselling sessions in English and German. Upon request we can extend the language coverage to Greek, Romanian and Hindi. 

*All your personal information and the subject of the consulting sessions will be treated with the highest confidentiality* 

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